Green Guy Goes Grappling is a game where you are a green guy, named Green Guy, who goes grappling in 100 levels. It has momentum, grapple hooks, portals, keys, slippery goop, and much more.

Updated 27 days ago
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Made withPixiJS, GDevelop, Piskel
Tags2D, Action-Adventure, action-platformer, grapple, momentum, Physics, Speedrun
Code licenseUnlicense
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution v4.0 International
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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So satisying to beat the lvls. Guess i got a swing for it.

"Guess i got a swing for it."

*vine boom*

You can jump very high and wall jump, which kind of defeats the purpose of grappling to reach higher places, but It's nice.

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it's not a bug, it's a feature

it was a bug but i decided to keep it in

I know it's not a bug, but I'm just saying.


oh my god I love this so much, this was honestly really fun


Surprisingly fun little game! It's really clear how much your skills improved over the course of the game, too, from the game eventually getting sound effects for the portals and eventually proper music and scrolling.

However, I didn't really get that the grapple connected to the closest hook to the player until a few levels in. I also really wished the jump height was based on how long you held the jump button, so you could keep the high jump, but do shorter ones for precision.

Other than that, though, the game's great! I really liked it a lot, and I wish you luck on making the deluxe version!


great game i loved it

990 plays!

We're so close to 1K!

Hello my friend it has been a long time and I have a confession to make. I never before finished the final update. I always was pulled away or got stuck. This time I finished it and well here are my thoughts...

HOLY SHIT! That ending is awesome. I hope the seaquel has much more of that. I look forward to its release. 

Other than that I still hold my previous critiques but, I know you will do great.

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Well, I'm glad you liked it! The sequel (which is really an expanded version of the original) will hopefully be out by August of 2023.


I want a sequel full of levels like the final one honestly

it's already in development and there will be more scrolling levels

grape game

well my friend the game is finished and you did a great job even without the level counter

There is a way to get around the portal bug- just never touch a portal while it's transparent.

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It's a good game, and it has that feeling of the good kind of glitchy mobile games.
(Just Finished): Good game, when it's good, it is great, when it is bad, it takes a good 10 minutes to traverse the level, and there are times where it places you falling unsupported into red blocks, bet they take up only like 20% of the game.



Really fun game, glitchy but in a good way, constantly making you feel like some badass speedrunner. I do hope a save or level select will be added next update, a button for grappling instead of the mouse would also be nice.

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Hello again. So great job on the new levels, the designs are getting better (green guy goes ziplining). Altho some levels i think should be moved around so the game flows better. Still waiting on the level counter. Overall this game has definitely gotten much better


I think I have an idea of how to make a level counter: 

1. Get the current scene name

2. Add 2 (Levels 1 and 2 are internally -1 and 0)

3. Set text to that

4. Create at 0,0


Love the graphics update! Also it's cool how the update made it from this silly (yet fun) game, into this really well designed game within one update. 

Good job Lim95, I look forward to seeing more stuff in the future.



Thanks! Next update will (HOPEFULLY) be soon!


cool game, but it has some issues:

  • main menu design just hurts my eyes
  • jumping while being close to the wall makes you slide on it which makes using grappling hook in few level pointless
  • jump height is too big, in few levels i just jumped right to the exit
  • putting points that you can grapple to inside a block makes them hard to notice
  • something that hurts the most, grappling hook attaches to the nearest point rather than point i’m clicking on

but despite that i enjoyed the game


I disagree with something you said. 

"something that hurts the most, grappling hook attaches to the nearest point rather than point i’m clicking on"

Yes it does do that, but that is for a good reason. 

In the levels with a bunch of grapple points, it is better to make it attach to the nearest point rather than the one you click on.

Think about it, if you are trying to grapple on a level with a bunch of points, it would be hard for most people to move their mouse to where the other point is. 

It's better for the people who aren't professionals at the game, (like me)

But I mean no offense and I'm sorry if what I said comes across that way.


Thanks for the criticism, I will take this to heart when creating the next batch of levels. I will ask what you don't like about the menu- I am planning on remaking some graphics. Plus the jump height was designed that way as some of the fun is to beat the game with as few grapples as possible. And the wall slide/jump are useful for the same reason. Again, thanks for suggesting these things and I will implement stuff that isn't too game-changing.

The jump height and wall jump are intentional for speedrunning, and the nearest point is used to make it feel like a mobile game, clicking on the grapple itself is not the game's mechanics.


the 1.1 version fixed a lot and added just as much, great job. Even so i have some critics 

  • a level counter is needed
  • the addition of the blue (no wall jump) block is great
    • tho i think introducing them in level 7 instead of level 8 would be better
    • they should be used more
  • the intro to the slide block doesn't really show what it does

other than those things this update was great


Yeah, I'm thinking of removing the slide block in the intro level and replacing it with just regular blocks. Also planning on a level counter.


This is game is cool!


Thanks for playing it! An update will be coming soon with better art and new levels.

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This is very good

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Really fun game!! I really recommend this game to anyone who might've happened to click on this game, or got sent here by their friends! Even though the wall jump wasn't intentional, it still is cool to use. 

I recommend adding some options in a later update

Some ideas for that would be maybe trails (maybe that would be a shop item)

Background color

or maybe even grapple color which might be a little more difficult to implement

But overall 5 stars for what it was meant to be!


1. Thanks for enjoying the game!

2. Trails could be a little hard, but could be done with an extension

3. Graphics update coming soon.

4. Grapple color will be easy to implement.

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a lot of the levels you can beat without grappling (i was able to beat all but 2 levels without grappling)

also you can wall jump i don´t (idk if that's intentional)

but overall good game


The wall jump isn't intentional, but I think cheese sometimes make a game more fun. Some fun comes from beating levels with as few grapples as possible.